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CalPERS Bails on Hedge Fund Investments

16.09.14 | CalPERSretirementhedgieshedge funds

CalPERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, announced it is yanking its full hedge fund investment of $4 billion. According to Bloomberg, the fund spent $135 million in fees for the fiscal year that ended June 30 for hedge fund investments that earned 7.1%.

The Bloomberg roundtable noted that the issue is not that hedgies don’t provide a hefty return, which they often do. The issue for CalPERS, Bloomberg noted, was that for the hedge fund investment to “move the needle” given the cost (fees - 2/20), their investment would need to be ~10% of the CalPERS portfolio, which presents a risk issue for the fund.

via Hartman Group.

via Hartman Group.

07.08.14 | infographic food trends

NY Post: Hedgies to Save American Apparel

08.07.14 | 1 note | Standard GeneralAlvarez & MarsalAlix PartnersDov Charney

"Meanwhile, insiders said Standard General is in talks with turnaround consulting firms Alvarez & Marsal and Alix Partners to support the company’s finance department…"

The article also noted that the board may stay the same but at least one woman might be appointed to join the leadership team at the Los Angeles-based hipster apparel company.

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